Fire Department Receives Donation for
Thermal Imaging Camera
The Dafter Township Board and Fire Department would like to thank the Dafter Lions Club and Mrs. Ann Trissell for their generous donation to the Fire Department. With those funds we were able to purchase a Thermal Imaging Camera. This specialized handheld device allows us to “see” heat. All things either reflect or transmit heat. This device detects that and shows us a picture of the object.  Use of this device will greatly enhance our ability to locate people, and detect hotspots in a burning building.
These pictures show what the camera will detect. The first is of a child in the dark. The camera will detect hot spots in walls, as shown in the second photo. This allows firefighters to find problem areas that are not visible in order to prevent rekindling of structure fires. The camera shows the temperature of the surface and may indicate if a fire is burning behind a wall. 

Check Before Burning


Burning Permit Information

The National Fire Protection Agency sponsors a program called “Firewise”. This program describes to homeowners how to prepare and protect themselves in the event of a Wild Fire. Every year, in our county several structures are lost to wildland fires. We have seen large wild land fires happen in other neighboring counties, Newberry for one. Knowing what to do prior to a fire is essential. For more information consult the NFPA website at , or you may contact Fire Chief Henry Lowes for assistance.

Lastly, we would like to thank the Fire Department Members themselves. We are very fortunate to have a great group of knowledgeable, dedicated volunteers. They are the reason we have such a great Fire Department in Dafter Township.
Spring has finally come and along with it the dangers of wildland fires. I would like to remind people to be careful with outside burning. Winds can suddenly pick up and a small fire can very quickly get out of hand. If this happens, call 911 immediately. Getting some help right away is the best way to extinguish a fire that gets out of control.

If you plan to burn you must first check with the DNR. This is easily done on-line by going to  and clicking on the map. 

Special conditions or restrictions for our county will be displayed. Generally the 3 conditions are:
 * Open burning
 * Restricted burning (generally after 6 p.m.)
 * No burning 
Homeowners who burn their own trash are reminded to keep an eye on their trash barrel when in use. According to the DNR the barrel MUST also have a lid with openings no larger the ¾ inch. Open “burning barrels” account for a large number of wildland fires.
You may also call the local DNR office at 635-5281 or Fire Chief Henry Lowes at 440-3301 for assistance.

Township Rentals

The Dafter Township Hall is available to rent for many occasions. Please CLICK HERE for more information about Township Rentals.