Township Rentals

Dafter Township Hall is available for rent for a variety of occasions. You may rent the whole hall, or rent only one floor. For information on rentals, please contact Stephanie Brown at 906-630-3384. 

Rental Rates

Whole Hall - $100
One Floor - $50

Whole Hall - $200
One Floor - $100

Spacious Upstairs With Stage

The upstairs of the hall provides a large area that can be set up for dinners and dancing. The hall can accomodate a variety of occasions, including weddings, showers, anniversary parties, or any other large gathering. The stage at the front provides an great place for a band or DJ. Rolling tables provide for many options on layout. Hall rental includes use of the WIFI internet. 

Full Basement With Kitchen

The downstairs of the hall includes a full kitchen with gas stove and oven, large refridgerator, stainless steel work area and sinks. The downstairs has a separate access door next to the kitchen. The downstairs may be rented separately if you have a smaller group but still want to use the kitchen facilities. 

See below for additional pictures of the Dafter Township Hall.