Henry Lowes
Henry completed his initial Firefighter training in 1990, and soon after moved to Dafter with his wife Patty and children, Angela and Michael.
In 1996, Henry joined the Dafter Fire Department, and in 2000 became the Assistant Chief. In 2002, Henry became Chief and has been a dedicated leader.
Henry is diligent about training as safety of the volunteers is paramount in his duties. There are many duties of the Fire Department, everything from auto accidents, structure and wildland fires, training, meetings, equipment maintenance, budget and purchases, all involving the Chief. 

Fire Chief
2036 W. 10 Mile Road
Dafter, MI 49724-0014
Phone: (906) 440-3301
E-mail: dafterfire@yahoo.com

Fire Chief Duties

1. Plans, develops and oversees administrative direction of the Fire Department to ensure safe and efficient operation in carrying out services as determined by the Board of Trustees; establishes standards for performance and safety; ensures that adequate number of qualified personnel are available, trained and properly supervised to fulfill overall responsibilities of the department.

2. Oversees and administers Fire Department activities and functions including recruiting on-call fire fighters to ensure the availability of appropriate fire fighters on the staff; ensures fire fighting force has been provided with appropriate equipment, training, supervision and support to serve Township at the highest possible level.

3. Prepares and administers Fire Department’s annual budget; monitors budget to ensure adherence to budgetary control; oversees personnel administration function within the department including reviewing time sheets/run sheets, and preparing stipend report.

4. Develops long range plans for maintaining effective operations of department; researches, evaluates and recommends acquisition of facilities, fire fighting equipment and supplies; reviews vendors invoices and other bills for purchases of supplies and equipment.

5. Oversees organization, development and scheduling of effective training programs for fire fighters.

6. Responds to fire and medical/rescue calls as necessary and assumes scene command when appropriate; may assist Township in responding to emergency situations.

7. Conducts and/or participates in various department and Township meetings; also represents Township on various Fire Chief/Fire Department committees at State and local level.

8. Represents Fire Department in meeting the public and public speaking engagements.

9 Attends special technical training sessions to maintain and/or enhance knowledge of fire fighting techniques, methodologies, and management skills.

10. Performs other duties and responsibilities as directed by the Township Manager and Board of Trustees.

Burn Permit Information

If you plan to burn you must first check with the DNR. This is easily done on-line by going to
www.michigan.gov/burnpermit  and clicking on the map. 

Special conditions or restrictions for our county will be displayed. Generally the 3 conditions are:
 * Open burning
 * Restricted burning (generally after 6 p.m.)
 * No burning 
Homeowners who burn their own trash are reminded to keep an eye on their trash barrel when in use. According to the DNR the barrel MUST also have a lid with openings no larger the ¾ inch. Open “burning barrels” account for a large number of wildland fires.
You may also call the local DNR office at 635-5281 or Fire Chief Henry Lowes at 440-3301 for assistance.